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Rumah Belajar - Indonesian Learning Management System

Have you make the use of Rumah Belajar portal in the IT-based education process in your school?
Or perhaps you still don't know what Rumah Belajar is. Rumah Belajar is an online portal learning mainly for teachers and students of Elementery, Junior High School, Senior High School, Vocational School, even Disabled-School throughout Indonesia. This portal is expanded by Pustekom which is one of the units in the Education and Culture Ministry. Rumah Belajar portal has various interesting features that can be used as a learning activities interactivelly and collaboratelly.

Sumber Belajar. This feature has various interactive audio visual learning media. It also equips the users some textual material, simulation, practice, and evaluation comprehensivelly. Moreover, it can be easily accessed online or offline.

BSE or Electronic-based School Books. This feature is an alternative learning reference for students who cannot afford to buy printed-books. It could also as a further reference of the books the students have. Buku Sekolah Elektronik is Nationally-standardized, qualified and surely in line with the Indonesian curricullum.

Bank Soal. This feature equips thousands of online practices, tests and exams. A teacher can make questions for the students to do. Whereas the students can train and measure their mastery of the material. Furthermore, the result can be accessed in time.

Laboratorium Maya. Do you want to have an experiment without going to the laboratory? Laboratorium Maya is the solution. We can do scientific experiment without visiting the real laboratory. It is a kind of online laboratory which supplies scientific material in the form of animation video. The video helps the students to connect the concept theoritically and practically.

Peta Budaya. This feature equips the variety of Indonesian cultures from 33 provincies. It explores various Indonesian cultures, such as, its tradition, its ethnic identity, its mother toungue, its traditional clothes, its traditional music and dances, its traditional architectures and its culinary.

Wahana Jelajah Angkasa. This feature helps us to explore everything in the outer space, starting from constellation, satellite until aposthography learning. This feature's existency is due to the good collaboration between Educational and Cultural Ministry with Microsoft Corp. through Partners in Learning Program. This Wahana Jelajah Angkasa is a small laboratory to observe outer space through pictures taken from repository of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

Pengembangan Keprofesian Berkelanjutan. This feature is mainly aimed for teachers to increase their competence and professionalism. Through various gradual online trainings, hopefully, teachers would sincerely renew their knowledge and competence.

Kelas Maya. Kelas Maya is a Learning Management System (LMS) that facilitate virtual learning between students and teachers whenever and wherever. By visiting Kelas Maya, teachers and students are no longer limited by distance and time to interact.

Rumah Belajar Portal also provides some supporting features, such as, Karya Komunitas, Karya Guru, and Karya Bahasa and Sastra. Furthermore, Rumah Belajar portal is not only accessed by computer but also by gadget. You may possibly download the application via PlayStore web page.

Pustekkom has not only Rumah Belajar portal, but also various learning service program, such as, TV Edukasi, Jardiknas, Ensiklomedia, Mobile Edukasi, Radio Edukasi, Video On Demand, and Suara Edukasi. And of course, all pustekkom learning services can be accessed for free.
Rumah Belajar service is created to fullfill the needs of electronic learning for school, teachers and students, from Elementery School, Junior High School, Senior High School, Vocational School, and of that level. The existency of Rumah Belajar portal does not only provide various interactive and inovative leraning, but also exists as the solution of the widespread of education access in Indonesia. Therefore, visit Rumah Belajar portal now and make the use of its features as much as possible.

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